Dear Friends,

April sees the celebration of Easter, central to the Christian faith, where we re-live as well as remember the core historical events of the final week of the life of Jesus of Nazereth, culminating in the extraordinary discovery that death was not the end, but rather the beginning.As I prepare with members of the local churches for these special celebrations, I am acutely aware that so many of our community feel outsiders to our services. As Christians we have a precious task to share the Good News which so often we feel totally inadequate for. In our current times we particularly feel daunted by what we see of misinformation and apathy about the things of faith. We live with catastrophic failures, of ourselves and our leaders, to live out the Gospel truths about Life in its fullness, freedom and joy and right relationships – as much needed now as they have ever been. But, as they say, the truth will out, and it is joy indeed to know that people of all ages, backgrounds and traditions are discovering those ancient truths about love and life, lived out most fully in who Jesus was, and is, and what he did. Do come along if you have any curiosity about what this is all about. Adrian (Baptist) and I (Anglican), Christian leaders in this community, are always delighted to respond to enquiries from anyone, and long to introduce you to Jesus, who is so much more than a 2000+ year old legend. Jesus is for everyone, for all time, not just of those who already go to church.

Which leads me on to talking about the church building, as opposed to the church as people. As last month, another huge THANK YOU, this time to everyone who has been supporting the Parish Church roof appeal so far. Sunday at the beginning of March, as we prepared for Lent, offered a small opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to some, with the Guides and Brownies presenting their cheque for over £700 raised by packing bags at Tesco. We are also hugely grateful to a number of individuals, the Co Op organisation and Gamlingay Baptist Church for donations. Also the Brogan group and NCPI solutions for offers of gifts in kind.

The PCC before Christmas agreed in principle the establishment of a church and wider community project team which has been working for some weeks now. The project is to include the church roof repairs along with other work that is needed on the church, including improvements to church facilities as well as repair work, including fixing the roof. A full launch is in planning for the end of this month. The intention is that this will be an opportunity for many elements of Gamlingay community and friends to get involved in the challenge of putting our church into good working order, so it is warm, comfortable and accessible to young, old and everyone in between. Whether for worship, quiet reflection, marking special life events or putting on appropriate exhibitions, concerts, and other events, we want to see this wonderful ancient building serving the community it belongs to both now and in the years to come. We have identified this point as representing key opportunities which were not there before and may not come again to put together the various needs and bring together grant and other funding possibilities. Watch this and other spaces!


We are particularly looking for people with time and expertise to give,to support the project team with communications and publicity, event organisation and the details of grant applications.

Wishing all our readers a blessed Easter