November 2018

Early in the morning of 25th October thieves attacked our lovely Parish Church and stole a substantial amount of lead from the roof. Since then there has been an incredibly supportive response not only from church members but also from the village as a whole, with many people asking how they can help.

THANK YOU! We have been quite overwhelmed by this.

Where are we now?

A temporary repair was put in place almost immediately after the theft; the covering they have put in place will keep out the elements for the forthcoming winter, but is by no means


a permanent fix. The cost (around £4K) was offered through a local church fund, but turns out to be covered by insurance. However, the cost of a permanent repair will run into many tens of thousands of pounds, even six figures and
our insurance pays very little of that. The church simply does not have this kind of money, and although we are fully insured, the payment towards the cost of remedying metal theft is very limited under the policy we could afford - £7.5K less our insurance excess of £250.

What is the church doing?

We are working with church authorities to seek grants and other support towards the cost of the work. There were already plans in preparation for making the building more accessible and user-friendly for the activities and events

appropriate to its status. If possible these need to be used to lever in funding that will include the repairs to the roof. This will need match-funding.

We are seeking finance for putting an insurance-approved roof alarm in place, and looking into alternatives to lead for replacing the roof. We are working with the police to try and prevent further theft and to catch those responsible so they can't cause this misery elsewhere.

In response to numerous kind offers and our huge need, we are making it possible for individual members of the village and businesses to give directly to a dedicated fund for the roof repair.

At time of writing, on-line giving is being arranged, information will soon be on the church website and social media. In addition we have set up a dedicatied email for sharing information. By this means you can contact our treasurer at helpgamlingaychurch@gmail.com for details of our account and methods to donate.


What can you do to help?

Help raise funds:
- Use the email to make a direct gift to the PCC. If you are a UK taxpayer you can increase the value of your gift without further cost to you through gift-aid, which will add £25% to your donation. All the necessary information is available from the Treasurer on helpgamlingaychurch@gmail.com

-Make a donation on line (details from the email address above, or the church website )

- Get in touch with a fund-raising offer - via the website or talk to Hilary or the wardens
- Come along to events for the church, bring friends and family and help us bring good out of bad.
- Share any skills you have towards fund-raising and project management.
Be vigilant
- note registration numbers of any suspicious vehicles,
- tell the Rector or churchwardens if you see anything, such as a drone being flown over the church
- ring the police at once if you see or hear anything suggesting a crime is happening.
- tell the police directly of anything you know that might help them with their investigation – ring 101 with our crime number (available from the email address, Hilary or the wardens).

This has been an extremely stressful time for us at the Parish Church and for so many of you who live in and around our beautiful village. Any help that you can give to restore our church for
our community will be gratefully accepted.

Thank you so very much!